Vision Without Sight

In 1980, twenty-year-old Chris Harvey paused from studying to talk to his roommate. Gunshots interrupted their conversation as a drunken young man randomly fired a high-powered hunting rifle from the hillside across the street. One bullet penetrated the side of Chris's house, struck him in the temple, and severed his optic nerves-instantly blinding him. Chris lost his sight, but he was determined not to lose God's vision for his life.

"Until My Blindfold Comes Off" is a story of faith and courage.

Live the events of that fateful evening and learn how Chris chose a positive attitude amid adversity. Follow his path as God teaches him to forgive, and see how he refuses to let go of his dreams. Look back with him as he recognizes God's hand in every step of his life. Rejoice with him as he claims God's promise of eternal life-a life in heaven with restored sight, where he will look upon the face of Jesus.

"Until My Blindfold Comes Off" is available via PayPal for only $20.00 which includes shipping.

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United States. Also reached: Great Britain, Peru and Philippines.

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About My Book

A Journey of Vision Without Sight
Newly Released by Xulon Press

by Christopher H. Harvey
with Vie Herlocker

"Until My Blindfold Comes Off" is available via PayPal for only $20.00 which includes shipping.

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About Chris Harvey

Motivational Speaker
"An inspiring message for today"

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Chris Harvey has worked as an investment broker since 1984. His experience with market conditions and cycles provides him with a seasoned insight to the challenges faced by the business world. His down-to-earth approach and anecdotes from his life quickly establish rapport with his audiences.

Chris' topics include:

  • Locating Lighthouses - Landmarks to Guide Your Corporate and Personal Journeys
  • Navigating Stormy Seas - Overcoming Adversity
  • Climbing Out of the Boat - Moving out of the Comfort Zone
  • Riding the Waves of Change - Accepting Change and Using it to Your Advantage
  • Captains and First Mates - The Need for Teamwork
  • Beacon of Light - Finding Hope in the Darkness
  • Against the Current - Resisting the Tide of Mediocrity

Chris tailors his presentations to meet the needs of your organization.

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